MAG-In® System
Get to the components MAG-cut® and MAG-base®

We set standards
We developed the MAG-In® - System to fix new performance dimensions, particularly in the area offset printing. The MAG-In® - System sets completely new standards in the inline finishing, because its components compared to current systems more flexible, faster and cheaper.

Through extensive system presentations in print and varnishing units of national and international machinery manufacturers, we were able to optimize our product sustainably.

The result is an ejoyable inline, punching, perforating, creasing, and embossing system for all small, medium and large-offset printing presses, by its simple handling and a very good price-performance ratio convinced.

Save money
  • short setup times - in case of easier handling
  • fast positioning / stand correction of the tools, magnetic hold on the MAG-base® with millimeter division
  • constant machine speed
  • no constructive changes to its printing press necessary
  • the tools are reusable and have long life
  • higher value added in its printing - Revenues Increase
  • high elimination of external costs for processing

A concrete example

Envelope for a catalogue A4
Circulation: 300,000 copies
printed benefits to 4 = 75,000 sheets
Periodicals: 4 * year
punched address field and micro-perforation for ordering tickets on U 3/4

Components of the MAG-In® System Set:

The MAG-base® is a base for their use, specially prepared magnetic foil. The installation of the MAG-base® can work in a printing or coating unit. There are no constructive changes on the press needed. The positioning of the MAG-cut® tools is based on the positioning help. From leading printing company WSD® was confirmed that a good quality of delivery pile (no rhythm of two).

The MAG-care® is a self-adhesive protection foil for the impression cylinder. It protects the cylinder from being damaged when it get punched to hard.

In addition, there is an alternative the MAG-supercare®. The MAG-supercare® is a self-adhesive VA-steel foil. It serves to protect the cylinder pressure for very long runs from about 100.000 sheets.

Our MAG-powercare is a self-adhesive VA-steel foil which is used for turn machines with a roughened cylinder (Perfect Jackets).

Our self-adhesive cartonage, which is used for creasing and embossing. It will be used as a template and mounted as well as the MAG-care® and the MAg-supercare®.

The MAG-cut® tools are currently manufactured with the highest standard of quality. The products are available throughout the entire production process of continuous and strict quality control. The magnetic force between the MAG-base® and the MAG-cut® tools ensured a safe and accurate processing. Only by WSD® delivered MAG-cut® tools are designed for use with the MAG-In® system. Job-specific MAG-cut® tools are produced by WSD® based on job data. MAG-cut® tools are easily reusable.


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