CUT-In® System

What is the CUT-In® System?
An interesting alternative for punching is our CUT-In ® system. This system allows an efficient inline processing in almost all sheetfed offset machines. Our customer base includes well-known printing companies from Germany and abroad.
Our CUT-In® is a especially tool for your offset sheetfed press, it is used instead of the blanket or the coating plate in a free print or coating unit. Note For more information about the installation of the tool, our detailed
instructions for use of CUT-In® system.

Disadvantages of traditional methods:
Well known is the sticking of perforation lines or cutting tools on foil. This approach takes time and laborious positioning of the tools.

Advantages of CUT-In®:
The CUT-In® is a real alternative to normal steel rule dies. The punching of sticker, perforationangles, cutangles, windows or structures and embossingplates instead of nylonprintplates with 10.000 to 18.000 sheets/h are possible with the CUT-In® System. The results with CUT-In® are muche better in quality like with perforation strips. This is supported by WSD® customers.

Another advantage of our CUT In® system is that the sheets are in accordance with the punches in the delivery schedule. This makes the final trimming much easier. (Photo 3 and Photo 4)

Economically, the CUT-In® system course, especially for repeat orders. Follow-up work with many forms of benefits to tenths or hundredths just need to keep distance. Corrections are not needed.

Interesting is the CUT-In® for ery complexe shapes, such as stars, animal motifs, circles, and something else, where a steel die rule because of the figurative and the terminals can not come close.



Function of the CUT-In® System
For punching inline in a printing machine the protection MAG-care® or MAG-supercar®e is needed
These selfadhesive foils can slightly be removed from the impression cylinder after the job.

Then you lock-in the CUT-In® tool instead of the rubber blanket. Unter the CUT-In® you have to put the underlay paper,which depends on the undercut of the machine.

The distance between printing and impression cylinder shiould be so high, that there is no contact between the CUT-In® and the protection foil.

Then put the pressure higher that you could perforate, cut or emboss. Set up in small 1/100 mm steps.


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